Struggling with prayer: 5 Tips to jumpstart your prayer life

Is regular prayer a struggle for you?

If so, don’t worry. Like everything new and unfamiliar, becoming a prayer warrior takes time and practice.

I’ll never forget the first time I went into Starbucks. For months I heard people talking about the delicious coffee drinks and I desperately wanted to experience what all the buzz was about. But I was intimidated. I knew there was a method – a certain way of ordering and a special lingo.

And what on earth was a Frappuccino?


I stood in a long line with others and watched them, trying to figure out the process. I strained to hear above the din of the cafe with no luck. Then I looked at the overwhelming menu. I selected a drink and rehearsed saying it (in my head), while trying to look like I belonged.

Finally it was my turn and I lost my confidence.

“I’ll take a regular coffee please.” I said.

“What size and blend?”

“Just regular.”

“A tall?”

“Is that a regular?”

“It’s a tall. We have three sizes.” (slight smirk)

“Ok that’s fine.” I said.

I paid for my “tall” coffee feeling stupid, awkward and a grande bit proud. I did it. I was in!

After the first time I got better. It took awhile, but one day I was comfortable and could order without feeling like a moron.

Prayer can be like this at first. The beauty though, is that there isn’t a process. God loves hearing what we have to say despite our fumbling. Unlike a barista, he doesn’t smirk. Prayer is simply a private conversation between you and God.


Tip # 1 – Start Small

Begin by thanking God for your food each time you eat. This is a pattern Jesus practiced every time he ate with his disciples.

Tip # 2 – Ask For Help

God loves when we trust and rely on him. We all face difficult tasks, problems with people and have personal concerns. Pick a challenge each day and ask him for strength, clarity and guidance.

Tip # 3 – Look Around

Opportunities for prayer are all around us. Choose a family member, friend or neighbor and ask God to meet whatever their needs may be. This is called intercession.


Tip # 4 – Get On Your Knees

Bedtime is the perfect time to meet with God in peace and quiet. Thank him for the day’s provision and ask for protection and restoration of your body while you sleep.

Tip # 5 – Be Bold!

Getting uncomfortable is sure to jumpstart your prayer life. Ask a friend what they need prayer for and then pray with them out loud. This can be done in person or over the phone. Our friends are encouraged and comforted when we ask for God’s help on their behalf.

Prayer takes practice, but I promise if you actively work on it you’ll grow spiritually by leaps and bounds.

Your Turn: Which of these tips will you choose this week and why?

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