Putting on the new self: Are you dressed with new life?

This weekend I went on a women’s retreat in the gorgeous countryside of Middleburg, Virginia. Seventy women from the church I used to attend gathered together for a time of worship and discipleship under the guidance of a seasoned speaker.

I went because I felt “called” to go. Although I had to give up a weekend with my family and an opportunity to attend a writer’s conference, I submitted to God’s leading.

Boy was I rewarded! I came away refreshed and renewed in my spirit in several ways.

The highlight of the retreat was a walk with two of my best friends. We had free time and went on an adventure in the woods surrounding the property. One of my friends – who hates nature by the way – was attacked by all manner of flying insects. We laughed so hard I peed my pants, but did we turn back? Of course not . . . we were having too much fun laughing at her!

So we trudged on, despite the stifling heat and barrels of energy it took to make our way to the bottom of a ravine. We marveled at God’s majesty of creation and the work he’d done in our lives since the last time we “retreated” together.


Our God is good. He promises to renew and reward us through his son, our savior, Jesus Christ.

As we walked back up the ravine we entered into a time of confession. I told them my sins. I’ve been lying. “Little white lies” told not to hurt someone else, but to make myself look better. “Little white lies” are common in our society; as my son says, “everyone does it mom.” But any type of lie still separates us from God, because He is pure and holy.

Today in my quiet time I came upon Colossians 3:10 and as I read, a picture formed in my mind. So I created a graphic to share with you. Look at it (below) and notice the difference between the two selves. Notice the contrast between the “old self” and the “new self” – the deadness on the left and life on the right.

Old Self

We are always being renewed and made into the image of our creator who always wants life for us.

Is there anything you’d previously taken off that you’ve since put back on?

If so, I urge you to repent. Repent is a word we don’t use much anymore, but it simply means to turn away from something and turn to God. As James 5:16 says: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

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Hello new friend, thanks for stopping by my blog! Eleven years ago I left my hometown and job in Christian ministry and ran away to live on an island in the southeast. I followed God on a crazy adventure and want to share what I've learned with you. I'm the author of Made for More: Mobilizing Your Faith for Everyday Mission. I hope you like what you read and are inspired to walk with Jesus on your own adventure.

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