God is the giver of all good things

When I wrote my last post in July (!) I never intended to take a two month blog break. But sometimes life gets away from us and at the beginning of summer I got an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

One of my lifelong dreams has been to have my own vintage and antique shop. Growing up I spent a week out of each summer at my great-grandmother’s Michigan farmhouse. The annual vacation didn’t hold much appeal for a teenager. No boys, no using the phone, grandma always tucking my hair behind my ears. Nope – just me, my brother and grandparents whose idea of fun was watching grandpa play the organ after dinner.

So I spent most of the time reading or rummaging through the attic. Great-grandma’s attic was like a wonderland, filled to the brim with antiques and cherished items from her girlhood. It’s where I found my love and appreciation for old things.

Erika hoopskirt

Me dressing up in great-grandma’s parasol and hoop skirt. Circa 1985 

The dream languished for over thirty years and this year I decided to put it to death. I figured if God hadn’t answered my prayers by now He probably never would. So this spring, I grieved awhile and gave up the dream. I also asked Him to remove it from my heart so I wouldn’t spend so much time dwelling on it. (sigh)

Imagine my surprise when a few days later I got a call from the owner of a vintage mall asking if I’d like a space in her store. At the time, my husband and I were driving on a weekend getaway for my birthday. She called on my birthday!

Erika jumping

I said to him, “Hubby? You know how it’s always been my dream to have a little store of my own and how for the last twenty years I’ve supported your dreams?”

“Yes? . . .”

I mean really, what could he say but, “Of course you can do it darling.” And he did. I had just three short weeks to plan, shop, organize and get everything together for a May 1st opening. In fact, I drove back from my birthday trip with the back of our truck stuffed to the max with treasures found at the Raleigh flea market.

God is good.

It’s been hard keeping up with life, the shop and my blog but I’m back and ready to share so much with you all. Thank you for your patience!

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! Matthew 7:11