Alert about a new “IRS” phone scam

By Erika Rizkallah

Hello friends! Today I’m going to write about an important phone call I just received. It was a message left yesterday on my cell phone from “the IRS” informing me that they were going to file a lawsuit against me. I was directed to call the number to get information about my case file.

The timing was interesting for two reasons: First, I’d just gotten a large check from the IRS that same day(!) and second, a friend of mine received the same call last week except from a live person She actually does have a case with the IRS and was making progress payments. She was terrified.


The aggressive caller wanted her to pay the entire balance immediately. Strangely, the amount they said she owed was just a few dollars off from her actual debt. She was distraught. They caught her off guard, early in the morning and when she asked questions and for time to check her records they threatened to send officers to her door. She asked to speak to her case worker or a supervisor and they got more aggressive, even telling her that she needed to jump in her car, go to the bank and send the money by Western Union.

He was actually going to stay on the phone with her while she made the transactions.


She told them to hang on for a minute so she could think. She got her car keys and was headed out when she realized that everyone she’d been speaking to had a foreign accent. She didn’t give any information but went on to the IRS website and it was there that she learned about this scam.

I wanted to make people aware that this is happening and is apparently effective. According to the IRS website, so far “4,550 victims have collectively paid twenty three million dollars as a result of this scam.” When I got the message on my phone I Googled the number and sure enough, many others got the same call and wrote about their experiences.

Please let your elderly friends and neighbors know this is happening, as they are a primary target and may not use the internet. These scumbags are also threatening some people with deportation and use other tactics to terrorize and trap the unwary.


If we all join together and talk about it, we can help our fellow citizens.

In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak, who ware caught in the schemes he devices. Psalm 10:2

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