Taming clutter one day at a time

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary the word clutter means “things lying in heaps or confusion.”

To my mind everything about that definition is well, definitive.

Clutter not only makes a great mess, it also causes confusion in our homes and minds. Since I’ve opened my shop, the clutter creature has once again surfaced . . . all over my home. It sucks. I killed that thing once and here it is again.

I learned long ago that clutter in the home of people with ADHD is a real no-no. It creates a sense of chaos in every area of life and hinders the well-being of my family. I used to be very well organized and stuck to the motto “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

It creeps in slowly like a turtle hiding its head when you notice it. I’ll just plop down right here on the edge of the coffee table for a while. Or on the stairs. Or on (my favorite place) an unused easy chair.


Before we know it, we’ve got heaps.


But I think I’ve captured it in time – before my husband freaks out and I get overwhelmed. Last month I figured out a manageable solution to the problem. Inspired by the tiny house movement and my secret desire to live in one of those adorable mini homes, I tackled the trouble by picking out five things a day to either donate or throw away.

It’s kind of like “nesting” before a new baby comes . . . without the sweaty panic.

By picking just five things each day, I’m ridding myself of 35 items a week. Breaking it out like this makes it manageable and is actually super fun! I’m freeing up space in closets, bookshelves and dresser drawers. Space that will not shelter the clutter creature again! If I happen to miss a day, I pick ten things which is double the fun.

More importantly, I’m also ridding myself of the confusion that comes with clutter.

Your Turn: Do you have a way of keeping the clutter creature at bay?

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