Help for houseplants

If there’s one place that gives me houseplant envy, it’s the conservatory at Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina. My family and I visited Biltmore last week and I always come home inspired and determined to take better care of my own plants.

I hate to admit this, but sometimes I can be a neglectful gardener.

I see the many plants around my home and become numb to them. I pass by and don’t take action until I begin to see signs of neglect. For example, this is one of the leaves on my anthurium. Brown tipped leaves on this type of plant means they’re not getting enough water. I can’t show you the flowers because there aren’t any.


I believe that just as God loves people and animals, He feels the same way about plants and the rest of His creation.

This is one of Biltmore’s anthuriums.

Biltmore Anthirium

I promise to do better!

As the weather turns cooler and activity in my outdoor gardens decrease, I hope to be able to turn things around with my indoor garden. I discovered a great site to help with houseplant care – I love the Popular House Plants page the most; it helps identify plants and gives care instructions.

Here’s a gallery of a few of Biltmore’s many houseplants. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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